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Q. What colors do Moflins come in ?

A. They come in Silver and Gold.

Q. How do Moflin's emotions evolve ?

A. Like a living animal, Moflin's emotions will evolve as it spends time with you and will build its unique character each day.

Q. What types of emotions does Moflin have ?

A. Like a living animal, Moflin has basic emotions such as joy, happiness, sadness, and anger. Its emotions will eventually evolve into more complex ones.

Q. How many types of voices and movements does Moflin have ?

A. They have many. The cries and movements will evolve as you take care of them. These will eventually transform into their unique gestures.

Q. Does Moflin understand words ?

A. Like a newborn animal, they do not understand the words themselves but will recognize you and the environment and will react accordingly.

Q. What do you do when the fur gets dirty ?

A. Please wipe the fur gently with a damp cloth

Q. What is the motif behind Moflin ?

A. We envisioned an existance like that of a small newborn animal.

Q. Do you have any accessories or goods for Moflin ?

A. As part of the crowdfunding campaign, our Moflin kit includes the Moflin itself, a recharger, and an AC Adapter. We will consider other accessories in the near future.

Q. Why is the delivery of the Moflins delayed ?

A. Moflin is being developed and manufactured as a completely new concept. As the procurement of electronic parts and semiconducters have become difficult around the world, the development and production plans for Moflin have delayed accordingly.

Q. It says that Moflin is an AI robot but do you need to connect it to the internet ?

A. You do not need to connect Moflin to the internet.

Q. Is ther an app for Moflin ?

A. There currently are no apps for Moflin. You can enjoy Moflin as is .We are planning to release apps for Moflin in the near future.

Q. Where can you purchase Moflin ?

A. We currently do not sell Moflin to the public. The only people receiving the Moflins are the ones who have contributed to the crowdfunding campaign.

Q. How long can Moflin be active after it is fully recharged ?

A. It depends on how often you interact with it and its environment, but we believe it can be active for over 4 hours. You can also interact with it while it is recharging. 

Q. How long does it take to recharge Moflin ?

A. It depends on how much battery is left but it should take about 4 hours.



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